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Use this page to see information regarding our past shows and events, find out more information, and see when you can next come and see us in action!


It was Fated...

The inaugural experimental show in an Exhibition Theatre style was an extraordinary live event combining art exhibition and performance, considering the way human beings meet and interact. Is it truly all by chance? Is there such a thing as destiny? If so, do we control our own destinies? What beauty can be found in the crossing and re-crossing of seemingly separate paths? Audiences considered these very questions at this event which blended art exhibition with live performance. They saw works of art in forms like poetry, movement, sound-art, music, film, sculpture, painting, photography, performance, dance, and many more!

3rd June 2022- 10am to 6pm at The Silver Building, Silvertown


What happened?

It was Fated... was our inaugural whole day event taking place on 3rd June 2022 at The Silver Building in Silvertown, London. It was an experimental blending of art styles to make a fusion of performance art and exhibition. We had submissions not only from a variety of supposedly very different artistic backgrounds, but from many different cultural backgrounds as well.


There were several timeslots available throughout the day. Whichever timeslot an audience member bought their ticket for was their initial entry time. The spectators were able to look around the exhibition and experience the event, and to take as long as they wanted to do so. Films were shown, visual art was seen and performances occurred- all the while the audience spectated and took part- always engaged and interacting. It was a fantastic day, and some people stayed for much more than the expected hour- seemingly not wanting to leave! To get a better idea of the work that was on show take a look at those who collaborated with us and exhibited work as a part of It was Fated... 

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