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Collaborating Artist Profiles

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Chiara Scoglio is a writer and puppetry theatre-maker who, when working with us, was studying on the Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media MFA at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Her interests span from literature to visual arts and her practice is always an attempt to merge the two together. Cinema and puppetry, favouring such combination, represent her preferred media, with which she explores narratives revolving around the themes of identity, alienation and self-discovery amongst others. She is proud to present her project Tarantasio, a new piece combining puppetry, folklore and photography- which made  its debut at It was Fated...

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Jenni Hallam trained in textiles, fashion and art history and taught art and design for many years before building a second career as a personal development coach. Now known as ‘The Mindset Designer’ she brings her innovative creative energy to building bespoke coaching programmes, empowering workshops and life changing retreats. However, she didn't leave art behind...

For Jenni images speak profoundly and communicate across cultures and boundaries. In her mixed-media piece Madonna Syndrome, debuting at It was Fated..., the iconic glorified image of mother and child so prevalent in gothic and renaissance art is challenged, reminding us that being a mother can be exhausting, agonising, confusing, disappointing, weird and sometimes boring (amongst a million other things). And this applies to every mother- including the late Queen!


Patrick Bayele (He/Him) is a London-born artist, hailing from Ghana, who aspires to become a cultural and creative leader. Amongst artistic pursuits he is a son, brother, uncle, partner and student, who studied Advanced Theatre Practice at RCSSD at the time he collaborated with us. His work is constantly changing; through theatre, film, poetry and participatory arts facilitation, he is driven by a spiritual faith, and a love of wonder and awe in our collective imagination. He loves food, public speaking, cross-cultural collaboration, and is learning how to find joy in the process.


Caitlin Powell is a journalist working and living in London. When she’s not running around after news stories, she is scribbling (or more realistically, typing) away.


Although predominantly in the non-fiction sphere, she has leapt head first into the creative world when the opportunity arises, including taking part in the spoken word circuit while she lived in Edinburgh, advising on a play about the experience of menopausal rage and collaborating with It was Fated... project lead, Sam Kioni Roberts on a production of  Shakespeare's Henriad at the Festival Fringe.



Jock Maitland is theatre-maker and facilitator interested in making work which promotes a playful exploration of the surrounding environment. A combination of his background in architecture (Glasgow School of Art, 2008-2011) and physical theatre (Ecole Jacques Lecoq, 2012-2014) led him to an MFA in scenography studies at RCSSD. Jock works in and around performing arts, fine arts and education, and enjoys most working in entangled multidisciplinary collaborations. Jock is delighted to present a mixed-media interactive piece; A Queen for a King, making its debut at It was Fated...

Polly Wilson studied Drama Applied Theatre and Education at RCSSD. She has a deep interest in myth and non-anthropic storytelling. She explores these themes from a perspective of practice with her cross-disciplinary art collective Eyerod. She advocates a culture of showing  ‘bad work in process’ so that experimentation and failure might be more normalised within the theatre world and novelty encouraged.

Anna Succol became a filmmaker because in moments of crisis she didn’t know how to communicate what she was feeling using words. She started using storytelling as a means of communication, which literally saved her life. She learned to say things her own way and managed to find her voice amidst the madness. She strongly believes in sharing people's stories to raise awareness and evolve. Through stories, we can see ourselves in thousands of different versions, change, and grow. That is why Anna started her own production company: Monocot Productions. We live in a world where a generation of young people hopes for a better future but at times feels powerless. With Monocot Anna hopes to inspire young people to take positive social action, by making and sharing art that challenges and raises awareness through covering uncomfortable topics.

Born in Bulgaria, but always wanting to venture further, Boris Kostadinov spent a significant time in England and Scotland before settling in Germany. All the various influences and inspirations during his time in these different surroundings have nurtured a unique sensitivity towards how people interact with each other and respond to events happening within and around them. His fascination with art began with an early exposure to theatre and puppetry, helping him find his inner voice before projecting it on the stage. Further involvement with lighting design and stage management honed his eye for detail, which was then translated into his writing. Reflective and always funny - or at least attempting to be, Boris' stories showcase the capabilities of people to hold extremes and navigate those difficult paths of remorse and resilience or desperation and bravery.

Ever since Caren Brendl was a little girl, she was fascinated by the endless possibilities of creating imaginary worlds in books and left her dreaming of becoming a writer herself. Eventually, these influences have paved her way to finding her own artistic voice. In writing, language allows her to turn feelings inside out and capture the nature of relationships. Inspired by personal experiences, Caren’s stories are reflective, empowering, and usually narrated from a thoroughly feminist perspective.

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